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Employment Law Attorney in Bend, Oregon

Are You an Employee Facing Wrongful Termination or an Employer Looking for Protection?

Choose Philip R. Anderson, P.C. as Your Employment Law Attorney in Bend, OR

Do you suspect that you were fired from your position for improper reasons? You don’t have to sit quietly or try to take on a company on your own. Philip R. Anderson, P.C. in Bend, Oregon can put 22 years of experience as an employment law attorney to work for you.

Attorney Anderson also has substantial experience assisting employers to ensure that work place decisions, including termination and discipline, are compliance with state and federal laws and has a strong background in employment law. You can trust him to keep your best interests in mind and work hard to secure the best outcome in your employment replacement disputes case. Call today for a consultation.

Need an Employment Law Attorney?

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Attorney Anderson is an experienced solo-practitioner, meaning your case won’t be passed off to an associate or unfamiliar face. He’ll work with you from beginning to end, and you won’t have to worry about the details of your case getting lost as your case is passed from associate to associate. Attorney Anderson can handle:

  • Wrongful termination cases

  • Harassment cases

  • Termination Claims

  • Whistle Blower / Retaliation Cases

  • Proceedings for the Bureau of Labor and Industries and U.S. Equal Employment

  • Opportunity Commission

  • Employment Replacement Disputes

Choose an attorney who can give your case the attention it needs. Get in touch with attorney Anderson today.