A Collaborative Approach
To Results-Oriented Dispute Resolution & Business Litigation

Philip Anderson has been serving Bend, Oregon, since 1995 and has established a legal reputation of high regard.


Attorney Anderson approaches each case with an open mind so he can help you reach a fair and reasonable outcome.


Dispute resolution should not be a hostile process. Attorney Anderson fosters an atmosphere of respect & civility.

Alternative Dispute Resolution &
Business Law Attorney in Bend, Oregon

Attorney Philip Anderson

Philip R. Anderson

Attorney at Law

Philip Anderson has always been the kind of person to help settle arguments. His ability to maintain a neutral stance and see both sides of every story is what makes him an excellent alternative dispute resolution and business litigation attorney. After earning his J.D. from the University of Oregon in 1995, Philip has helped countless clients, both individuals and businesses, resolve their disputes and move forward. If you're in need of an attorney in Bend, Oregon, to help you with your alternative dispute resolution, business litigation, real estate litigation, employment law, or business transactions case, contact Philip R. Anderson, P.C. Attorney at Law today.


"I help people seek favorable resolutions to their cases by providing them with professional and analytical guidance."

Philip R. Anderson

A Passion for Finding a middle ground

Philip Anderson was always known as the guy who could settle any argument or make up a fair set of rules that everyone could agree to. He carried this natural ability to de-escalate tense situations into his career as an alternative dispute resolution and business litigation attorney.

Attorney Anderson handles cases in a myriad of legal areas, including alternative dispute resolution, business litigation, real estate litigation, employment law, and business transactions. While all of these areas of law are different, one common thread ties them together: they all call for an attorney with a knack for strong negotiation skills, and Attorney Anderson certainly has those skills aplenty.

Finding yourself in the middle of a dispute, whether personally or professionally, can be overwhelming and intense. You want an attorney by your side who will have your best interests at heart and take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Let Attorney Philip R. Anderson take the lead in the legal process and get you to a fair and reasonable resolution so you can keep moving forward.

Philip Anderson, P.C. Attorney at Law is proud to serve many areas of Oregon, including Bend, Redmond, Portland, and Eugene. If you find yourself in need of a competent and caring attorney in any of these areas, contact Philip Anderson today to set up a consultation.

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Alternative dispute resolution made simple

When you are looking for legal guidance in an alternative dispute resolution, you want someone who will be able to see both sides of the story. Creating an environment that will allow for respectful communication and civilized negotiation is imperative to successfully resolving your alternative dispute case. Attorney Anderson strives to provide this for every client.

Alternative dispute resolution often calls for creative solutions that you may not be able to pursue in court. Attorney Anderson has over 25 years of legal experience, making him an excellent resource for strategizing the right course of action for you and your unique case.

Alternative dispute resolution is a great choice for clients who want to reduce the stress, formality, and financial burden that accompanies going to court. As your alternative dispute resolution attorney, Philip Anderson will help you and the opposing party understand each other's viewpoints. Both parties will typically collaborate to reach an outcome they find mutually beneficial and agreeable.

If you are in need of a skilled and experienced alternate dispute resolution attorney in Bend, Oregon—or in the Redmond, Portland, or Eugene areas—contact Philip R. Anderson, P.C. Attorney at Law today.